Denzel bike tire

This tire is a heavy duty tire – it is 3lbs heavier than the bicycle tires normally used on Motopeds.  The carcass is very stiff, feeling much more like a motorcycle tire than a bicycle tire.  The tire was designed for use on heavier and faster e-bikes.  Tread depth is 5mm so it is not as aggressive as the Razorback tires used on the Pro and Survival, but is more aggressive than the Thick Brick tire used on the Cruzer.    The tire will provide much better mileage and durability than normal bicycle tires.  The tire is more difficult to mount because the sidewalls are so thick – we recommend motorcycle type tire irons or spoons and tire lube when mounting.  Please choose Flat Rate Shipping for this product as it is the most economical.

Size Tire: 24 x 3.00
Max Loads: 200 kg
Purpose: for any road
Brand: Denzel Bike
PSI: 60
Weight: 2 kg
Deep tire tread: 5 mm