Hi Motoped World,

Let me introduce myself – I am Bruce and I am the VP of Operations at Sturgis Motocruzin.  Working with me at our facility in Sturgis South Dakota is my brother Ray.  Ray is in charge of R&D here at Sturgis.  We have been busy with some new stuff – and will unveil them soon so you can take a look at them!

Ray and I have been into cars and motorcycles our entire lives.  I bought my first motorcycle when I was 13 – a Kawasaki 100.  We started riding sooner than that – with minibikes and an old Suzuki 80 street bike.  Ray had a Honda 50 mini trail with a 72cc head and cylinder. I remember our much older cousin crashing it!  We had a race track in the back yard – we spent a lot of time going around and around!

The question I am frequently asked is – What is your relationship to APT/Motovox?  It’s pretty simple – we are a separate company with no corporate ties to APT/Motovox.  We have an agreement that allows us to build, market and sell Motopeds.

Our goal is to offer great customer service, to ship orders within a day and provide technical help in case of problems.

We will post often – not only with Motoped topics, but other stuff we are doing with cars and bikes.  If you have questions, give me a shout.